Monday, December 8, 2008

Hold Me Accountable!

I cooked almost every night last week, and my slacker self has not updated. I still haven't posted the Thanksgiving recipes, though that post is almost finished, just not posted. Just so I have a reminder when I finally stop slacking...

Last Monday: Beef Bulgoga/ Chocolate chip pie for lesson dessert
Last Tuesday: Salmon
Last Wednesday: Seafood Pasta
Last Friday: Chicken Caesar Squares
Saturday: Don't remember, but did the Holiday Baking
Sunday: Chicken Sandwiches and Sweet Potato Fries

Monday 12/8 Take-out subs
Tues 12/9 Pork
Wednesday 12/10 chicken dumplings
Thursday 12/11 nothing of consequence
Friday 12/12 Pot Roast
Saturday 12/13 Christmas date
Sunday 12/14 Mushroom pizza with fresh mozzarella

Monday 12/15 swiss fondue
Tuesday 12/16 Pasta with sun dried tomato cream sauce
Wednesday 12/17 Quiche Lorraine
Thursday 12/18 Polish sausage and mashed potatoes
Friday 12/19 nothin'
Saturday 12/20 Chicken with Garlic Sauce, brussel spouts, squash, couscous
Sunday 12/21 appies and dessert for grandma's party... rye dip, crab bites, lemon cake, chocolate cake
Monday 12/22 Lasagna for friends
Tuesday 12/23 Mushroom and Cheddar Soup
Wednesday/Thursday... Christmas/ didn't cook
Friday 12/26: crab bites, sweet and sour coctail weiners, beef bulgoga, rice, roasted vegetables, bananas foster

Saturday 12/27... ran errands with mom and had Chinese Food
Sunday 12/28...
Monday 12/29... Crazy Peruvian came over... pierogies and pork chops, roasted carrots, greenbeans, bananas foster
Tuesday 12/30... Date Day!
Wednesday 12/31...

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Crystal said...

I am a frequent follower of your blog and ur lack of posts has brought me much pain and disappointment! :) Juust kidding. I haven't updated mine either in a while. I bought all the stuff to make the pumpkin cookies, now if I can just find the time!!