Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Contents of My Freezer

Any of you who have been around since the beginning know I began this blog because I needed to clean out my freezer and pantry, and was recording for posterity the manner in which I attempted that task. It is time to start over, because, once again, my freezer and pantry have reached survivalist capacity, and frankly that isn't a group of individuals with whom I want to be associated.

Last time Katie requested a list of the contents of my freezer so she could keep up on the progress as I posted recipes. I actually made a comprehensive list of what is in my freezer (and organized my freezer at the time), so Katie... this one's for you.

The Contents of My Deep Freezer
2 slabs pork ribs
3 pork tenderloin
5 portions (2-3 servings each) pork tenderloin chops
2 pounds bacon
3 tubes of Jimmy Dean sausage... two regular, one maple flavored
4 Italian sausage links
4 apple cinnamon sausage links (from our trip to Swiss Meats in Hermann, MO last Christmas)
1 package bratwurst

1 whole chicken
1 whole chicken, cut into pieces
5 portions (serves 2-3) boneless skinless chicken breast

1 beef brisket
4 (1 pound portions) ground beef
2 hamburgers (From Omaha Steaks)
2 New York strip steaks
1 Polish Sausage Link
1 eye of round roast
1 large sirloin tip
2 chuck roasts

1 (3 pound) box Panko encrusted Tilapia
1 (2 pound) box shrimp scampi
3/4 pound raw, tail on shrimp
2 salmon steaks
1 fresh salmon fillet, frozen
1 pound fresh tilapia, frozen
5 jumbo scallops

2 pounds Butternut Squash Ravioli
2 pounds Brie and Garlic Ravioli
1 pound toasted cheese ravioli
1 pound cheese tortellini

1 Red Baron 5 cheese frozen pizza
1 Palermo Hearth Italian frozen pizza
1 Palermo Greek frozen pizza
1 California Pizza Kitchen BBQ chicken pizza for one
2 small boxes pizza rolls
1 box fried shrimp
1 small box TGIFriday's hot wings
1 large box potato boats
1 box Spanikopita appetizers

1 package Voila Chicken 3 Cheese Chicken meal
1 package Contessa Mongolian Beef
1 package Trader Joe's BBQ Chicken Terriyaki
6 pounds (yes POUNDS) pierogies
1 Marie Calendars individual chicken pot pie

2 packages Trader Joe's frozen naan
1 box Texas toast
1 package yeast rolls
3 packages English Muffins
1 box Pizza Amore Cinnamon sticks

2 boxes Betty crocker whole grain waffles
12 Jimmy Dean Sausage, eggs and cheese croissants
1 Bob Evans pouch sausage gravy

1 (2 pound) bag hash browns
1 bag crinkle cut french fries
2 bags sweet potato fries

11 bags frozen vegetables
4 small boxes frozen vegetables
at least 3 pounds frozen cranberries

2 pie crusts
3 (8 ounce) containers cool whip... 1 regular, 2 light
4 pounds butter

I am just one person.... This CANNOT be normal!

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Crystal said...

OMG Adrienne! I love it! Hilarious!! I showed it to Christopher (before the pic) and he was like wow...she must have a huge freezer. And you do! I can't wait to clear some of that out! Lets get to cooking!