Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Dilemma

First, it is important to note that I just had a dandy of a time spelling dilemma. I typed and deleted five times. After the third time, I actually changed the word from dilemma to "problem," but then determined that was a cop-out. I finally had to type it down here so I could spell check it, find the correct spelling and then type it correctly in the title. That friends, is also why kids who grew up in the computer age can't spell. They don't have to memorize how to spell words or use a dictionary on those they forget. The just keep altering the spelling until the computer shows them the accurate spelling. I clearly just demonstrated I am guilty of this, as well. To what is the world coming? (I had to use the inversion there, otherwise my sentence 'what is the world coming to?' would've ended in a preposition, and we can't have bad grammar here.)

So the dilemma...

I have approximately 5 pounds of frozen cranberries and about the same amount of frozen blueberries. I will get a specific and accurate count tomorrow, but as an estimate I have 20 bags of various types of baking candies. The problem? I am out of brown sugar. I only have one bag of flour left in the freezer. Should I be able to purchase more of these staples if I have a specific recipe in mind that will utilize freezer or pantry goods, or should I remain hard fast to the "nothing but fresh foods" rule? On the one hand, I will be able to provide very exciting recipes if I have these specific baking ingredients, but it could be good reading to see what I do without them. I realize only like 5 people read this, including myself, but I have set up a poll, so you can vote yes or no on the left side of the screen. I will go with the majority rule.


Sarah said...

Well, the holidays are just around the corner (believe it or not) so I say, why not stock up so you can make (me) some yummies! But being the novice baker that I am my opinion really has little value... by the way, what are you doing up at 1:00 typing this??? Go to Sleep!

Katherine said...

I am NOT a baking novice, and I concur- go ahead and buy baking ingredients. However, you might consider buying them in smaller quantities for particular purposes. On the other hand, you live in the middle of nowhere so that might not be practical. Anyway, I have no idea how you could possibly use up 20 bags of baking candies without brown sugar and flour, so do what you gotta do!